What is GroupsWIKI?

WYSIWYG wiki written in rails + prototype

Groupswiki is a simple opensource wiki that uses wysiwyg editing to lower the barrier so that more people will write to the wiki.

It uses protoedit -a richtext editor written using Prototype.js – it is compatible with:

internet explorer.

It uses ruby on rails and should work with most backend databases.

Groupswiki is agpl licensed:


If you make improvements to the source code – send them to bnolan@gmail.com or ask me for svn-write-access.

Please goto http://code.google.com/p/groupswiki/


* Visual editing – Groupswiki doesn’t use wiki code.

* Instant Editing – edit a page with one click.

* Upload images from your browser

* There’s nothing to install and you can access it from anywhere on the


* An API for building tools and integrating your Groupswiki with your other